Lipov hlad

We are very glad to welcome you on the Website of our GRILL – PIZZERIA "LIPOV HLAD" (Under the Linden).

"Lipov hlad" is a pizzeria with a long tradition. With our dedicated staff and excellent service we cultivate a combination of traditional and modern cuisine.

We invite you to visit us and to share with us the pleasure and enjoyment of culinary fancy foods in our comfortable ambiance.

Are you planning any celebration?

The pizzeria LIPOV HLAD offers you the organisation of various festivities. We take care of the planning for your christening, communion, confirmation or class reunion celebration. We organize lunches and dinners for several people and serve a menu according to your wish, as well. We deliver to your accommodation or rented halls for several persons, too.

Family lunch
  • Lipov hlad
  • Lipov hlad

* the prices of delivery for suburbs is: Tenja, Bilje and Nemetin - 3 kn, Sarvaš, Višnjevac, Livana and Briješće - 9 kn and Bijelo brdo, Josipovac and Mece - 10 kn

* the minimum order for suburbs (Sarvaš, Nemetin, Tenje, Bilje, Brijest, Livana, Višnjevac) amounts to 50 kn
Pizza is a lot like sex. When it's good, it's really good. When it's bad, it's still pretty good.
Lipov hlad
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Lipov hlad